If for no other cause, yet for this: that posterity may know we have not, through silence, allowed things to pass away as in a dream. // Richard Hooker

This site is part journal, part travelogue, part travel guide, part aspirational to do list. This is a place to tell stories. A place to consider the things that make us different from one another — and the things we share.

We all have different impressions about a place. Where we come from and where we’ve been impact the way we see the world. These are my views and my experiences. If you have a different perspective on one of the places I write about, please share!

All the pictures on this site are my own. Remember: stealing isn’t cool.

Erica in Holland

About Erica

I’m a Dutch Argentine American from the southside of Chicago, living in Washington, DC.

When I was a little kid, my parents took us on roadtrips around the U.S. We drove west across the Plains and Rockies to San Diego, south to Florida by way of Civil War battlefields, east to Boston with stops in Appalachia, and north to Wisconsin which instilled in me the belief that 7 hours in the car isn’t that far. I went on my first trip overseas with my family when I was in 2nd grade and my first international trip without my parents when I was 15.

I love to write. And I love to travel. I love seeing the way other people live, being confronted with cultural differences, re-evaluating my own mindset. I love the travel mindset that opens your eyes to the ordinary things around you, even if the place you’re in doesn’t seem exotic. And I love hearing and telling stories. This is where I share them.